About Us

Joni Koontz

Joni has been in retail sales most of her life, she is devoted to providing people with quality service. She has been working in the Fireplace industry for over 12 years and has with the help of her family built a thriving fireplace store. It is her ability to order, organize, and operate that has made this business a success. She is a devoted mother, grandmother, and Christian and will do her best to heat the homes of America.


Kirk Koontz

Kirk has been working in the fireplace industry for over 12 years as well as his wife, however he also was part owners of a Gas Log company for many years before that for a combined 20 plus years of experience . He is well qualified to answer any question when it comes to the technical side of things, as he has been a General Contractor for over 40 years. His ability to figure out solutions has made him an integral part of our business.



Paul Koontz

Paul is the son of the owners, he serves a valuable asset being able to fill many roles as office manager, technician and sales associate. He has worked in the fireplace industry all his adult life, and can provide answers to almost all hearth questions. He has know how to install a vast amount of pellet, wood and gas appliances.


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